My honest review about Dimitri Albino

Well, all this post and the next ones, are intented to post my honest review, opinion, about this company and this “businessman”, Dimitri Albino, a person who comes from Italy.

This italian scammer, has stole thousands of dollars from a Kickstarter campaign in the first months of 2013. He created a product, set up a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarted to promote a product and about 1000 different persons around the globe funded it, thinking he was going to deliver all what he promised.

He called his product “smartduino” or “fairduino”, and it was intented to beat all the arduino products, both in price and quality. He made some very well done videos to pitch the people to fund that idiot project.

Well, guess what? He stole over 100.000U$ from all those 1000 backers. Nowadays, he doesn’t reply most of the comments that most of us send to us, theirs intentions do not include to refund the money we all sent, that’s ok, online money robbering.

Dimitri Albino, you we suposed to be a good man, reliable and honest, but you cracked all that up, now I don’t care to insult you and sink your online reputation as deep as I can.

All the past 9 months he has few questions about his delay to send the products, but he is a blatant lier, one who doesn’t deserver to have a family. Do you know what is to deliver a product over 9 months from the starting date??? I don’t believe you.

This crappy person has fought agains the creator of Arduino, and some other serious developers, saying he has the right and the rights of all what he has been doing, cracking the free hardward rules.

He has not deliver a simple product to only 1000 persons, C’mon, we know you are not amazon or ebay, but you can do that quantity easily, even by hand.

His pseudo-company is called “smartmaker” and located in  Florida, but I bet my house that crappy office is empty.

I have some photos of this robber, burglar. What you did is called RIP OFF in my country:

dimitri-albino-scammer dimitri-albino-smartmaker

I hope to translate all this to italian, because I want your friends and relative read what you did.

And, yes, I am not gonna disclose my identity, I will give you a hint, I am one of those 982 backers who are tired of your bullshit and lies you say every day.

What is my intention? Guess what? This post will be rank in the first page when someone writes out your name on Google, I hope this article ranks in first position.

PEOPLE AND COMPANIES: Beware of this guy, these last days a friend of his has started a campaign on kickstarted to rise funds to get robbered again. The name of his name is Harold Timis. I can’t talk shit about this person, but I don’t think he is good, because he is an employer of this rare person.


PS: Dimitri Albino, yes, you are going to read this post sooner or later, I don’t care, do what you wanna do, you are a disgusting scammer, this post won’t be deleted ever by Google. Just beat this! MF….